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The famous Clipper lighter was originally created by the English company Bryant & May (brand name of a type of gas burner), but the patent for the lighter was taken over by the Spanish company Flamagas which, at the time, was responsible for production. On the other hand, the unique design of this lighter goes back to Enric Sardà, Catalan designer, who designed it in 1970. The Flamagas company was founded in 1959 by the Spanish Puig family. It specializes in electronics, stationery and Clipper lighters. In 1972, the company Flamagas S.A. inaugurated its first factory in Barcelona and thus launched the manufacture of the first refillable plastic lighter in the world, becoming a pioneer in this field!

Having become a characteristic object of the contemporary world, the Clipper lighter is more than a million items produced every day in the Barcelona factory but also in a factory in China (Shanghai in 2004) and India (Chennai in 2000). But what is the reason for this success? First of all, the Clipper butane gas lighter is reputed to be refillable for life, with a roller system that makes it very easy to change the stone producing the spark. This replaceable stone system can be used as a tamping tool, very popular with users of rolling tobacco with regular or slim leaf sizes. In addition, the inclination of the lighter allows you to increase the density of the flame, an ideal tool for water pipe lovers! Its size also makes it easy to slip into the bottom of your pocket:
Height: 75 mm & Diameter: 15 mm for a net weight of 16 grams (for a classic lighter). The other advantage of the Clipper lighter is to be a collector's item due to its sleek design and to have the choice between a multitude of different models and series.
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